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Double Degree Program

1) 2017 Application Forms Download
To the students of Double Degree Partner Institutions who have already passed the selection of Double Degree Program at home university: Please send us the original of the following Application Form by the deadline date.
(We do not accept the submission via e-mail)

For the International Graduate Program(English-based Master's Program) Information, please click HERE


2) Scholarship Information

‘MEXT Scholarship for Double Degree Students
The candidate selection will be made by Keio University.

  • Amount of Scholarship:
    The scholarship for the 2016 academic year is \147,000 per month, one round trip air ticket, tuition, entrance fee
  • Duration of Scholarship:
    2 years for Masterfs program
  • ‘Other Scholarships

    Application procedures can be taken after arriving in Japan. For more information, please access the following website.