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Message from the Students
J.P (EC-Nantes ) Master 2

1. Why did you first became interested in this program?

Coming from an engineering school, I want to work abroad in an international company after I graduate. The best way is having an experience in a country where the culture is really different from France. I think that if you are able to get used to Japan coming from France, you can get used to anywhere after that. Furthermore, I found it interesting to do a research-based master as you are not just being taught anymore but you have to conduct your own research and two years is sufficient time to develop skills related to a specific field.

2.What are your impressions about the program?

It is kind of hard not to like Japan, the daily life is great. I will not say it is really easy at first, but once you learn some basic Japanese, you can really enjoy it! Living at the international dormitory, you can get to know people from all the world. Whenever you need anything, the International Center is there to help you as well as some other international student associations. Moreover, research in the laboratory is not just work, it is a good way to improve your Japanese while having fun and various activities are often organized.

3. Please give a message to the students who are now considering studying at Keio University.

Basically, if you want to try Japan, coming here as an international student is the best thing to do. Obviously, you have to work; nonetheless, you still have time to enjoy your daily life and meet some great people. Keio University is really famous and offers you the possibility to do some publications and conferences about your research during the two years you will be there. It is also a personal experience that gives you the opportunity to know a lot about yourself and maybe start an international career. Studying at Keio University was the best decision I ever made.

F.L (Master 2)
D.L (Graduated on 2007)
C.D (Master 1)
J.P (Master 2)
V.T (Master 2)

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