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Message from the Students
C.D (EC-Lille) Master 1

1. Why did you first became interested in this program?

I always wished to experience both French and Japanese education systems since I am French-Japanese. The double degree program not only gave me the opportunity to do so, but also to create a vast human network, and even get degrees from both countries’graduate schools.

2.What are your impressions about the program?

With this program, double degree students are in total immersion in a foreign culture, which is not only about language but also habits and manners. Travelling and living is completely different. There are so many things one can learn, so many things one can feel, so many things that make one reflect, and this is truly a unique and precious one-time experience in life.

3. Please give a message to the students who are now considering studying at Keio University.

Keio University has one of the top reputations in Japan, and is known and admired by everyone. This is worth considering if one is thinking about a career in Japan. In addition, Keio laboratories are performing leading edge research and therefore have all the latest facilities and equipment.

F.L (Master 2)
D.L (Graduated on 2007)
C.D (Master 1)
J.P (Master 2)
V.T (Master 2)

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