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Message from the Students
F.L (EC-Paris) Master 2

1. Why did you first became interested in this program?

I made up my mind quite late for a double degree in Keio University in Japan. It was a new program that was launched between the Centrale Intergroupe and Keio, and as I knew that Keio was a good university in Japan and that I would like to spend two years there as a master student, I decided to apply to the double degree. I studied Japanese in high school and in Centrale Paris too, and as you can never improve your language skills more than by living in the country, Japan was an obvious choice. The fact that the lectures would be in English really helped too.

2.What are your impressions about the program?

Keio really makes big efforts to extend its international radiance: some English lectures are available for international students. We are integrated in a laboratory which is the heart of our social life, and of our relationships with Japanese in the university. This way of studying is very different from what we are used to in France but it helps to take the most of our Japanese experience. Since I began I have enjoyed my time with my labmates. Other things are really convenient: the dormitory is next to the station and the university, and we only are 20 minutes from Tokyo. The place is very convenient and if we have any request we can always ask for the International Center's help.

3. Please give a message to the students who are now considering studying at Keio University.

Si vous aimez la langue, les traits caracteristiques du Japon alors allez y faites le grand saut, vous ne le regretterez pas, ce qu'on peut voir du Japon par les medias n'est qu'un avant gout de ce qui vous attend. Preparez votre sejour: choix du laboratoire (tres important), financement, Vous devez aussi etre conscient que la dose de travail peut etre plus ou moins importante suivant le laboratoire, et que non seulement l'eloignement mais aussi la difference de culture peuvent etre choquants au debut. Apres cette preparation vous serez prets a apprecier la vie au sein de votre labo et les balades dans les endroits les plus depaysants du Japon.

F.L (Master 2)
D.L (Graduated on 2007)
C.D (Master 1)
J.P (Master 2)
V.T (Master 2)

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