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Double Degree Program

In September 2003, the Graduate School of Science and Technology launched the International Graduate Program in Advanced Science and Technology (the courses are all conducted in English) which made it possible for students from abroad to earn degrees without having competence in Japanese. Currently there are around 160 international students studying at Keio’s Graduate School of Science and Technology. In 2005, Keio University started its double degree programs with European institutions. When a student fulfills the degree requirements at both Keio and their home institutions, the student is awarded with the degrees from both Keio University and his/her home institution.

‘Types of Master’s Degree
Graduate students may pursue studies leading to any of the following degrees:
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Science

‘Double Degree Partner Institutons
École Centrale,MINES Paris Tech (France), RWTH Aachen, Technical University Munich (Germany), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain), University of Lund, Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)



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